Involvements in international organisations

BuildingEnvelope.Org 2001-05-17 developes portal on solutions of building envelopes, building services etc.

CCY CCY - CAD/CAM Association of Finland, publishes a quarterly magazine (in Finnish) and organises events and exhibitions.

CE-NET CE-NET - The Concurrent Engineering NETwork of Excellence, an international network of experts in Concurrent Engineering.

CIB TG33 CIB TG33 - Concurrent Engineering in Construction, organises bi-annual conferences. Proceedings of CEC'99 are available from VTT.

CIB W78 CIB W78 - IT in Construction, is the main international body of researchers and developers in our domain. It organises annual conferences

EAPPMEAPPM - European Association for Product and Process Modelling in the Building Industry

ECTPECTP - European Construction Technology Platform

ENBRI ENBRI - European Network of Building Research Institutes

IAI IAI - International Alliance for Interoperability defines the data exchange standard IFC, Industry Foundation Classes, for the building industry.

IMS-NoE IMS-NoE - Intelligent Manufacturing System (IMS), Network of Excellence

STEP ISO TC184/SC4 defines the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data, STEP (ISO 10303)

PTS PTS - Post graduade Technological Studies, programme for collaboration between Asian countries and EU to exchange young researchers.

prodAEC 2002-08-15 European Network for Product and Project Data Exchange, e-Work and e-Business in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

SCENIC SCENIC - Support Centres Network for IT in Construction

SIENE SIENE - The Network on Information Standardisation, Exchanges and Management in Construction.

SCRI SCRI - Salford Centre for Research and Innovation.

VE-Forum VE-FORUM 2003-01-00 Virtual Enterprise Forum, prortal for VE related research projects and sites.

VR-Net VR-NET 2003-05-12 Network of Expert in Virtual Reality Applied to Construction Processes and Products.